for New & Technology Driven Industries

LogExTra - Euro Export Agency
LogExTra - Euro Export Agency

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Our VISION is strengthening commercial relations and supporting Central European export and trading cooperation of newly establishing & technology driven industries worldwide.

We are Slovakia based company with an extended possibility to manage export operations also from neighbouring Czech, Hungary, Austria or Poland.

Our Brokerage Services


Supplier Verification

▪ Incoterms: EXW → FCA → FOB
▪ Exposition & Sourcing of EU Products
▪ Export Certification Process

Warehouse Inspection

▪ Temporary Warehousing
▪ Product Verification
▪ Commercial Insurance

Customs Declaration

▪ Mandate Letter
▪ Export Declaration
▪ Accompanying Documents


Road Transport

▪ Incoterms: DAT → DAP
▪ CMR Consignment & Liability
▪ Subcontracted Vehicles

Air Transport

▪ Incoterms: CPT → CIP
▪ AWB Consignment & Liability
▪ Subcontracted Air-space

Sea Transport

▪ Incoterms: CFR → CIF
▪ BL Consignment & Liability
▪ Subcontracted Vessels

Our Mission

Our long-term MISSION is to connect the Single & Central European Market with selected territories of North Atlantic and Asia by customized export & transport solutions for new and technology driven industries.

We support the international export, where official customs procedures requested. When appropriate, we proudly support manufacturers in re-export of engineering products from Single European Market to the 3rd countries outside the EU.


We proactively support our regional manufacturers for exporting their products worldwide. We endeavour technology driven industries from Central European region with expertise in any of multidisciplinary engineering fields:

Agro Machinery

Food / Beverages Manufacturing

Medicine / Healthcare Equipment

Cosmetics Manufacturing

Electro-Mechanical Systems

Automotive / Vehicles

Geo / Navigation Systems

Building Systems / Structures

Aqua / Water Systems

Energy Carriers / Batteries

Security / Aerospace Equipment

Components / Spare-Parts / Materials

We officially represent manufacturers from 3rd countries in the Single European market. As a part of our policy on sustainability, we support projects for attracting foreign investments to Slovakia or cross-border cooperation in sustainable logistics and supply chain.

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