To Turkey, Iraq


Thanks to Free Trade Agreement and strategic location at Bosporus and Dardanelles, Turkey plays an important role concerning international trade with the European Union.

Our mission is to create an ecosystem for cooperation in export of engineering products from the European Union via our well-situated Central European hubs to Turkey and Iraq. We see new opportunities and pay special attention to emerging markets of Iraq, where special permits on imported products required!


What we offer in our HUB →

Incoterms EXW, FCA, FOB coverage

Exposition & Sourcing of EU Products

Supplier Verification Process

Export Certification Process

Cargo Inspection & Warehousing

Customs Declaration & Documents

→ Our Subcontracted Transport Solutions to ANATOLIA


ROAD: Incoterms DAT, DAP

▪ EU → Slovakia → Turkey

▪ EU → Czech → Turkey

▪ EU → Hungary → Turkey

▪ EU → Czech → Iran


RAIL: Incoterms CPT

▪ Ostrava → Istanbul

▪ Budapest → Istanbul


AIR: Incoterms CPT

▪ Bratislava → Istanbul

▪ Vienna → Izmir

▪ Budapest → Ankara

Transport Offer