To USA, Canada

USA Canada

We are opening the gate for cooperation with Slovak, Czech and Jewish expatriates working in Canada and North America.

Our mission is to create a favourable environment for smooth export of engineering products from our homeland (designed, produced or integrated by our manufacturers) to Canada and North America.

USA Canada

What we offer in our HUB →

Supply: Incoterms EXW, FCA, FOB

Exposition & Sourcing of Products

Supplier Verification Process

Export Certification Process

Cargo Inspection & Warehousing

Customs Declaration & Documents

→ Our Subcontracted Transport Solutions to NORTH ATLANTIC

cargo ship

SEA: Incoterms CFR, CIF

▪ Bremerhaven → Quebec

▪ Hamburg → New York

▪ Gdansk → Boston


AIR: Incoterms CPT, CIP

▪ Vienna → Toronto

▪ Budapest → Vancouver

▪ Bratislava → Montreal

▪ Prague → Calgary

▪ Warszawa → Atlanta

▪ Vienna → Dallas

Transport Offer