To Ukraine and Moldova

Ukraine Moldova

We support Ukraine and Moldova on their journey towards European Union. Our mission is to create a space for cooperation in export of engineering products from the European Union via our well-situated and cost-effective Central European hubs to Ukraine and Moldova.

Due to restrictions, the main challenge for now is to ensure flow of products beyond eastern border of the EU!

Ukraine Moldova

What we offer in our HUB →

Incoterms EXW, FCA coverage

Exposition & Sourcing of EU Products

Supplier Verification Process

Export Certification Process

Cargo Inspection & Warehousing

Customs Declaration & Documents

→ Our Subcontracted Transport Solutions to FORMER CIS


ROAD: Incoterms DAT, DAP

▪ EU → Czech → Ukraine

▪ EU → Slovakia → Ukraine

▪ EU → Czech → Moldova

▪ EU → Slovakia → Moldova

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