To Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland


United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland exited the European Union. After Brexit, it is becoming our new challenging market.

Our mission is to find ways for cooperation in bilateral / trilateral export operations via our Central European hubs to England, Wales, Scotland or Ireland.


What we offer in our HUB →

Incoterms EXW, FCA, FOB coverage

Exposition & Sourcing of Products

Supplier Verification Process

Export Certification Process

Cargo Inspection & Warehousing

Customs Declaration & Documents

→ Our Subcontracted Transport Solutions to UNITED KINGDOM


ROAD: Incoterms DAT, DAP

▪ Slovakia → England

▪ Czech → Scotland

▪ Austria → Ireland

▪ Hungary → Wales


AIR: Incoterms CPT, CIP

▪ Bratislava → Heathrow

▪ Prague → Glasgow

▪ Vienna → Dublin

▪ Budapest → Belfast, Edinburg

Transport Offer